Mermaid - Framed
Dr Martín Raskovsky

Mermaid - Framed

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Origin of this image: I travel searching mainly for nature, woods, seas, deserts, even though landscapes can also be urban. Like any tourist, I travel with my camera capturing reality. It is later on, at home, at my desk, that the fun starts. Manipulating an image can take days, weeks, or much, much longer. This is one of my most popular images “Mermaid”. It was initially an image captured at the seaside in Portugal, it took many, many years of experiments in the pre-digital world first and finally with the current digital tools to be able to arrive at a conclusion. The original model was a young girl then, who only saw the final result 30 years later when she received a print while surrounded now by her grandchildren.

Limited Editions Digital Manipulated Photography.

This is a high-quality Giclee print of the original Photographic Manipulation, printed on textured art paper.
The print will be delivered unframed and unmounted.

This work shows my photographic post-processing digital manipulation close to painting and drawing where imagination and dreams become part of the canvas.