NFTs - My take

“NFT” a term will soon become (if not already) one of those things that once you hear it for the first time it starts to pop up everywhere. I got involved only two weeks ago, and my life has already changed.If you don’t know what it is, or you are still wondering, here are a few references which might help.The first-ever tweet sold as an NFT for $2.9 millionWhat are NFTs and why are some worth millions?In any case, here is my take:The art world is changing, a revolution “seems to be at hand”. What used to be “available only...

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Exhibitions 2021

February and still no sight of exhibitions to come. Will let you know when I know when and where to expect my work to be exhibited.

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Best Wishes

Wishing you an optimistic new year with a different reality. Colourful hugs.  💚💚💚   

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Added Museum Size

Added a larger "Museum" size. 1.10m x 1.58m

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Added Stock control

stock control

Implementing stock control for delivery periods annotation required quite a bit of programing in Liquid to dynamically change the stock counter when different sizes are chosen. To say that it is an area that Shopify itself has neglected to document is not strong enough. They made main components obsolete but documenting is still not changed after more than two years. I placed questions in both Shopify and Stackoverflow forums and received no answer. In the end, problem solving hat on and eureka. It is done. A few more tweacks and will be redy for 100% launch.

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